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Welcome "thirtysomething" fans!

This forum is a nexus of information about topics related to the show. If you have a question or observation which is not already addressed, you can e-mail it to us here. We are always looking for new resources which will help us to expand and improve this web site. If you have any ideas, tips, or corrections, please contact us. Thank you.

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An interview with writer/director Joseph Dougherty
Our interview with "thirtysomething" writer/director Joseph Dougherty about his involvement with the series is now available in the miscellany section. What's more, Mr. Dougherty graciously answered a number of follow-up questions from you, the fans! Be sure to read the follow-up interview as well!
Lifetime yanks "thirtysomething"
Lifetime television has once again removed "thirtysomething" from the air. Please join us in voicing our disappointment by writing to them at webmail@lifetimetv.com or sending postal mail to: Lifetime Entertainment, Worldwide Plaza, 309 W.49th St., NY, NY, 10019, Attn: Viewer Services.
A Few Words About Videos...
We receive a significant amount of requests for information about the availability of "thirtysomething" episodes on videotape. Unfortunately, we do not know of any official source through which to obtain the series on home video. However, if you are a private collector and wish to get in touch with other collectors, please join our mailing list (see above).
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