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"This is a show about life on earth as we know it. At least a small slice of it. It's about a group of people, all of a certain age, who know enough about life to be totally confused by it. It's about growing up -- no matter how old you are.

"Which means owning up to certain realities. Swallowing a pill or two. Not necessarily the compromise of principles, but rather the recognition that many of our notions of the future were idealizations and can't be lived in the world.

"It's what we like to call ... the Dialectic. That, in modern life, everything seems in opposition to itself. You want to have a baby but you want to have a job. You want to be free but you want to settle down. You don't want a lot of responsibilities, but you want to make a living. And it cuts deeper than the questions of life-style: you want to be honest but you don't want to be hurtful; you want to be accommodating but you want what you want; you want to be grateful but you're also in pain.

"And it's a show about creating your own family. All these people live apart from where they grew up, and so they're trying to fashion a new sense of home -- one made up of friends, where holidays, job triumphs, birthdays, illnesses, and gossip all take on a kind of bittersweet significance. Though each episode will be a complete story, it's the deeper currents among these friends that will be revealed over time.

"Which is to say we're interested in the stuff of real life. Small moments examined closely showing the way people really talk, and dream, and even fantasize. Those seemingly random events that somehow add up to deep emotion. The kind of show that people might look at and say, 'That's my life, I said that last night'.

"And since everyone knows this is the first generation ever to have children, or buy houses, or try to have careers, it naturally assumes that everyone else will be interested in its noble endeavors. The truth is we know there's nothing inherently noble or even particularly interesting about people in their thirties. It just happens to be the territory we know best. And it's just the fact that we aren't the first to attempt any of the things we're stumbling through that leads us to hope that twentysomethings and fiftysomethings will identify with it as well. It's about people. Not ages..."

co-creators of "thirtysomething"

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