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Behold, our very own directory of "thirtysomething" links. If you know of some spot on the Web that should be included here but isn't, please contact us about it.

lifetime online

A solid (if somewhat uninspired) group of pages by Lifetime Entertainment in support of their syndicated reruns of "thirtysomething", including an episode guide and a who's who. If there's an "official" site, this is it.  However, some sloppy errors, ommissions, and lack of interactivity will disappoint most true fans of the show.

'thirtysomething (and other driblets...)'

An extensively researched and referenced fan site complete with an episode guide and some other miscellany about the show and its characters, by Lisa Stevenson. Top-notch work -- a must-see!

'bob fahey's thirtysomething page'

Some fun features along with a comprehensive collection of links to other "thirtysomething" sites and resources on the Web by (you guessed it) Bob Fahey.

the internet movie database

The IMDb is perhaps the most comprehensive source of motion picture and television information online. Their entry for "thirtysomething" includes a plot summary, award info, and extensive information about the cast, producers and directors. Be sure to check it out.

tardis television database

A no-frills repository of episode and actor information. This page is part of a larger database of television programs. The site is essentially text-based and sorely lacking in presentation. However, the content itself is quite useful.

'die besten jahre'

A German episode guide (along with some other goodies) entitled "die besten jahre", meaning 'the best years', which apparently was the German television translation of "thirtysomething". An American episode guide is also available here, as well as a collection of other roles played by actors from the show. Compiled by Kai Seidler -- worth a look-see.

[thirtysomething.wav] (789KB)

The link above is not to an actual web page but rather a downloadable .WAV sound file of the "thirtysomething" theme (air version) which is located at the Ultimate TV Themes Web Page. Rather than brave the murky waters of copyright infringement by hosting the file here, we are pleased that we can offer it instead as a remote link and leave the liability issues to someone else. The clip is 1 minute and 13 seconds in duration and weighs in at 789KB. Of course you will need a .WAV compatible player and the appropriate sound hardware to enjoy it.

tv guide: "the 10 best holiday episodes..."

TV Guide's print-edition feature entitled "The 10 Best Holiday Episodes of All Time" by Ed Weiner (11/29/97-12/5/97) rated "the mike van dyke show" (episode #24) number one. Bravo!

'susan's thirtysomething bible'

A cut-and-paste collection of  graphics and materials "borrowed" from other sites (predominantly this one) by Richard Mark Plows in tribute to his friend Susan. Don't be surprised if the design looks familiar. This self-labeled "book" amounts to little more than a redundant pastiche of other peoples' work. It is included here in the interest of being comprehensive, however it is not recommended.


Yahoo! currently lists our site first among it's Internet "thirtysomething" links and we are the only one to receive their coveted "Cool Link" (Yahoo! Cool Link) designation. What does this mean? As they describe it: "Every day Yahoo! surfers visit thousands of web sites as they build the Yahoo! directory. From celebrities to cryptozoology, personality tests to disturbing trends, we see a lot. Cool Links is a category, comprised of other categories and web sites, that make us pause during our daily surfing and say 'Wow, this is cool...'". We couldn't be more proud! And while you're there, why not browse your local listings for "thirtysomething" re-runs at Yahoo! TV.

ultimate tv

Ultimate TV maintains a substantial list of "thirtysomething" links and resources, albeit not quite as comprehensive (or up to date) as we would like. Nevertheless, we generally recommend this site as an excellent television resource.

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